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“Leon D'Oro has always welcomed customers of all types, from traditional chinese to demanding businessman. There’s always a personal relationship, a smile that accompanies us on the path: I feel part of this neighborhood and of this city as much as customers feel part of this restaurant… and it's really the most beautiful emotion you can try.” (Stefano Loy)

Wai Shing Stefano Loy, known as "Ste", is the Leon D'Oro Restaurant’s manager.
Trained as a Communication Designer at the “Politecnico di Milano”, after a well started career as Pirelli's Product Manager in Shanghai, he decides to return in Milan, which he considers his true home, to detect the parents' restaurant and keep the family tradition alive.
With his beautiful wife Julia, he works with passion to expand the flavors'range and modernize the restaurant, which today presents itself to its public as one of the most known and appreciated neighborhood's realities.