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A 30 year long story

Leon D'Oro restaurant was born in 1979 in Milan’s heart, to communicate the spirit of a country and its traditions through typical Chinese cuisine, distinguishing itself from the beginning as a reference point for Chinese and local communities.
Stefano and Yulia are the heart of the restaurateurs second generation that, mixing past quotes and modern inspirations, enriching the menu with an “Asian Crossover" style made of typical dishes of Japanese culinary art, Malaysian, Vietnamese and Asian continent.

Leon D'Oro is the cross-section of the culture of a country told through the sought-after attention to details, the attention to the raw materials quality, the respect for traditional cuisine contaminated by Asian aromas and flavors, with delicate and suggestive Italian influences.
An affectionate clientele is Stefano and Yulia's best proof, who promise a dive into the true oriental spirit for anyone seeking a quality break in everyday frenzy, enriched by their hospitality, class and sympathy.