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DimSum Mix … 9.50

Perline di Gamberi … 8.00

Bao di Carne – Pane al vapore grigliato, carne n salsa piccante e guacamole … 6.50

Xialongbao (ravioli di carne con brodo interno) … 6.00

Bao al Salmone – Pane al vapore grigliato, tritato di salmone piccante crudo e guacamole … 7.00

Costoletta Laccata – (Cotta a bassa Temperatura) … 7.50


小籠包 – Xiaolongbao … 6.00€

墨魚餃 – Ravioli di seppia al vapore … 8.00

麻辣餛飩 – Ravioli in salsa malese… 6.00

蟹餃 – Ravioli al granchio … 8.00

蒸餃 – Ravioli di carne al vapore/alla piastra … 4.00

素餃 – Ravioli di verdure al vapore … 4.00

章魚餃 – Ravioli di polipo e zafferano … 8.00

白魚餃 – Ravioli di branzino al vapore … 8.00

毛豆鬆露餃 – Ravioli di edamame e tartufo 5.00

牛肉鬆露餃 – Ravioli manzo al tartufo … 8.00

煎燒賣 – Xiao-mai (carne e gamberi) al vapore/alla piastra … 5.00

蝦餃 – Ravioli di gamberi al vapore … 5.00


椒鹽小絲瓜 – Okra sale & pepe .. 7.00

炸蝦球 – Perline di Gamberi … 8.00

章魚沙拉 – Insalata di polpo con coriandolo … 9.00

日本海帶 – Alghe Goma wakame … 6.00

春捲 – Involtino primavera … 2.00

龍鬚蝦 – Gamberi fritti in pastafillo … 9.00

芒果蝦沙拉 – Mango verde con gamberi … 8.00

毛豆 – Edamame … 5.00

棒棒雞 – Pollo in salsa di sesamo … 7.00


金槍魚拌芒果 – Tartara di tonno con mango … 11.00

拌生牛肉 – Tartara di manzo alla Leon d’Oro… 12.00

白魚柚子汁 – Carpaccio di branzino in salsa ponzu & lime … 12.00

生扇貝柚子汁 – Capesante in salsa yuzu … 10.00

香煎三文魚 – Tataki di salmone … 11.00

三文魚拌牛油果 – Tartara di salmone … 9.00

金槍魚拌松露油和金片 – Tonno oro e olio tartufato … 10.00

牛肉子汁 – Carpaccio di carne al caramello di sale … 12.00

香煎金槍魚 – Tataki di tonno … 13.00


照燒牛扒 – Filetto di manzo in salsa Terriyaki … 12,00

鵝肝牛扒 – Filetto di manzo con Foie Gras … 14.00

薑蔥牛肉 – Vitello con zenzero e cipollotto … 8.00

石板牛肉 – Vitello con verdure alla piastra … 13,00

脆牛 – Vitello croccante … 12,00

乾炒牛肉絲 – Vitello con sedano e
salsa piccante
… 8.00

煎羊排 – Costine di agnello con wasabi fresco … 13.00


北京烤鴨 – Anatra alla Pechinese … 26,00

椰子雞 – Pollo al latte di cocco … 9,50

砂鍋雞 – Pollo stufato in terrina … 8,00

烤鴨 – Anatra Laccata … 9,00

宮寶雞 – Pollo in salsa KungPao … 7,50

炸杏仁雞 – Pollo in crosta di mandorle … 10,00


低溫烹調法叉燒排骨 – Costoletta laccata (cotte a bassa temperatura) … 7.50

回鍋肉 – Pancetta in Sichuan style … 8,00

咕咾肉 – Maiale in agrodolce … 8,00


清蒸鱸魚 – Branzino con verdura e asparagi … 17,00

炸杏仁蝦 – Gamberi in crosta di mandorle … 10,00

蒸三文魚 – Salmone al caramello di sale … 10,00

天婦羅蝦 – Tempura di gamberoni … 11,00

椰子蝦 – Gamberi al latte di cocco … 11,00

薑蔥明蝦 – Gamberoni con zenzero e cipollotti … 10,00

石板海鮮 – Misto di pesce alla piastra … 14,00

薑蔥左口魚 – Rombo zenzero e cipollotto … 28,00

椒鹽蝦 – Gamberi sale & pepe – 9,00

煎三文魚- Salmone grigliato in salsa teriyaki … 10,00

宮保蝦 – Gamberi in salsa KungPao … 9,00

炸蝦 – Gamberi fritti alla birra … 9,00

雀巢百花魚 – Misto di pesce nel cestino … 10,00


乾煸四季豆 – Fagiolini alla Sichuan style … 7,00

素菜天婦羅 – Tempura di verdure … 7,00

蝦仁什菜 – Misto di verdura con gamberi … 8,00

冬菇小白菜 – Verdura cinese saltata con funghi … 7,00

宮保茄子 – Melanzane alla KungPao … 7,00


绿茶面 – Pasta al the verde con tritato di salmone e bottarga di muggine … 8,50

炒烏冬面 – Pasta udon con fiocchi filetti di tonnetto affumicato … 8,00

什錦粉絲 – Spaghetti di soia con misto di carne e gamberi … 7,00

揚州炒飯 – Riso ai mille colori … 5,00

年糕 – Gnocchi di riso saltati … 7,00

泰國河粉 – Tagliatelle di riso in thai style … 8,00

什錦雙王面 – Capellini croccanti con misto di carne e gamberi … 7,00

星洲米粉 – Spaghetti di riso al Curry … 7,00

咖哩炒飯 – Riso al curry … 5,00


地中海龙虾卷 – Mediterraneo (astice, gambero, pomodirino, cipolla di tropea, maionese e olio EVO) … 17,00

金枪鱼和松露卷 – Tnt roll (Filetto di tonno, olio tartufato e scaglie d’oro) … 12,00

黑天婦羅虎卷 – Black Tiger (riso nero, gamberone in tempura, salmone scottato) … 11,00

粉紅卷 – Pink lady (Salmone, gambero, avocado e philadelphia)
(senza alga)… 13,00

小蟹卷 – Soft crab roll (Granchio fritto e salsa teriyaki) … 10,00

彩虹卷 – Rainbow (Gambero, avocado e misto di pesce)… 11,00

三文魚辣卷 – Spicy salmon … 7,00

鰻魚捲 – Dragon roll (avocado e anguilla cotta con salsa Terriykai) … 12,00

紫苏龙虾卷 – Shiso Lobster (astice, gambero, avocado, salsa terriyaki,
maionese e shiso ) … 17,00

鵝肝卷 – Foie Gras roll (Foie Gras, avocado) (senza alga) … 13,00

天婦羅虎卷 Tiger roll (Tempura di gamberoni, salmone e maionese) … 11,00

牛肉捲 – Beef roll (Filetto di manzo e avocado)… 12,00

雞肉捲 – Caesar roll (pollo in salsa terriyaki e insalata iceberg) (senza alga) … 13,00

彩虹卷 – Aburi Rainbow (Gambero, avocado e misto di pesce
scottato) … 11,00

金槍魚辣卷 – Spicy tuna in thai style… 8,00

加州卷 – California – Salmone, gambero cotto e mayonese) … 8,00


什錦壽司 – Sushi misto (7 nighiri e 6 hosomaki) … 14,00

特色什錦壽司 – Sushi speciale (5 nighiri, 2 gunkan e 8 uramaki) … 18,00

傳單 壽司 – Cirashi misto … 12,00

什錦刺身 – Sashimi misto … 18,00

特色什錦刺身 – Sashimi speciale … 20,00

三文魚刺身 – Sashimi di salmone … 16,00

金槍魚刺身 – Sashimi di tonno … 20,00


A 30 year long story

Leon D'Oro restaurant was born in 1979 in Milan’s heart, to communicate the spirit of a country and its traditions through typical Chinese cuisine, distinguishing itself from the beginning as a reference point for Chinese and local communities.
Stefano and Yulia are the heart of the restaurateurs second generation that, mixing past quotes and modern inspirations, enriching the menu with an “Asian Crossover" style made of typical dishes of Japanese culinary art, Malaysian, Vietnamese and Asian continent.

Leon D'Oro is the cross-section of the culture of a country told through the sought-after attention to details, the attention to the raw materials quality, the respect for traditional cuisine contaminated by Asian aromas and flavors, with delicate and suggestive Italian influences.
An affectionate clientele is Stefano and Yulia's best proof, who promise a dive into the true oriental spirit for anyone seeking a quality break in everyday frenzy, enriched by their hospitality, class and sympathy.




A unique and sophisticated experimentation, of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Malay, Thai and Italian influences, which exalt foods freshness and naturalness, allowing you to enjoy raw and cooked foods.



An accurate daily selection of the best and fresh fish, combined with a wise preparation, cooking and dish composition, for a dive into true Japanese traditional cuisine.



A journey in the ancient oriental spirit to satisfy the palate and stimulate the view, fantasy and creativity, with raw or cooked proposals that exalts the freshness and naturalness of foods.

“Leon D'Oro has always welcomed customers of all types, from traditional chinese to demanding businessman. There’s always a personal relationship, a smile that accompanies us on the path: I feel part of this neighborhood and of this city as much as customers feel part of this restaurant… and it's really the most beautiful emotion you can try.” (Stefano Loy)

Wai Shing Stefano Loy, known as "Ste", is the Leon D'Oro Restaurant’s manager.
Trained as a Communication Designer at the “Politecnico di Milano”, after a well started career as Pirelli's Product Manager in Shanghai, he decides to return in Milan, which he considers his true home, to detect the parents' restaurant and keep the family tradition alive.
With his beautiful wife Julia, he works with passion to expand the flavors'range and modernize the restaurant, which today presents itself to its public as one of the most known and appreciated neighborhood's realities.


We love to recreate our country’s typical conviviality around our dishes. For this we have a large room with a large table perfect for great occasions or to get together and taste our specialties.


You can choose to enjoy our dishes in our closed rooms, also smooking lounge, suitable for those who prefer a more intimate and reserved environment, with soft lights to create the evocative atmosphere that sets us apart.


To welcome you the hospitality of Stefano and Yulia who, along with their staff, are happy to accompany and advise you in choosing dishes and wines, carefully selected to accompany each course.

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“The best asian food in Milan, at the same level of the best NY restaurants, but with costs decidedly contained. Many dishes for vegans too. Absolutely to try and try again and try again. An advice ...., do not take the "usual" dishes, dare. Another very positive note is the smoking rooms!!!!”Giacomo D., Facebook
“All fantastic!!! I'll definitely come back for a lunch with friends! The "dim sum" are a fairy tale!!! But also many Japanese dishes with fresh fish! TOP”Helena K., Facebook
“Excellent cuisine. Fantastic owners. Impeccable service. The best asian food in Milan!”Robert Iv M., Facebook


di KMS S.A.S. di Loy Wai Shing & C.

Via Adda, 3 - 20124 Milano - IT - P.I.06642250960 (corner with via Fara, Stazione Centrale zone)

Tel. +39026705355

Opening time: Monday till Friday from 12.00 to 02.30 am and from 07.00 to 11.00 pm.
Closed on Saturday and Sunday at lunch time.

Information and reservations can be requested only by phone at +39 026705355.

You can easily reach us by public transport:
MM2/MM3: Stazione Centrale or Gioia stop.
Bus/Tram 33 e 9: Filzi Adda stop.